Saturday, March 26, 2011

Crystal Clear......with Crystal PEEL

I came across a amazing product at the IBS Show called Crystal Peel

What is so amazing about this product compared to other Micro-dermabrasion take home products?

It's all behind the Science and of course Lynn Lucka who is the original creator and inventor of take home Micro-dermabrasion........

She mention's the importance of exfoliating and how your Crystal Peel makes your skin think it needs to self heal by creating micro incisions while turn your skin care regiment absorbs deeper into the skin and the skin produces collagen.....the results are unbelievable!

Taking excellent care of your skin may be the singularly most important beauty investment you can make—and without proper exfoliation, any other product you use to improve or protect your skin (serum, masks, moisturizer, sunscreen and even self-tanner) will not be absorbed to their fullest potential. Exfoliation is a vital first step in any skin care regimen, clearing away dry, dull skin cells in order to reveal the younger, softer skin cells beneath.

There are now more than a few at-home micro-dermabrasion exfoliating products on the market, but only Crystal Peel can claim the- titles of both the first at-home micro-dermabrasion exfoliator and the first microdermabrasion exfoliating soap bar (the bar continues to be the only micro-dermabrasion bar available on the market). Having spent years perfecting the precise formulas used in the Crystal Peel Collection, Lynn Lucka has sold her products for over a decade to the same dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and spas. Crystal Peel is formulated using only the highest quality sterile, medical-grade, antibacterial, uniform size and shape 120 micron corundum crystals. Lynn has formulated a microdermabrasion program that remains without equal --- no one has ever duplicated the refinement and effectiveness of our patented formulas.


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