Friday, December 4, 2009

The Style Guru is BACK!!!!!! January 2010 Daily Updates!!!

Hi Gurulista's:

I'm back!!!!!

We will be sending Daily Fashion, Beauty & Entertainment updates to you starting January 2010!!!

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Monday, August 24, 2009



RICHARD AVEDON.............Fashion At It's Best!!!!!!

Richard Avedon the most influential photographer in fashion history is on display!!!!

Take a Look at Richard Avedon's Photography Exibition at the
Open till Septemebr 20, 2009!!!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Geeks goes Chic with these hot little must have's which are the latest craze for techies and fashionista's
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Friday, July 3, 2009


THE STYLE GURU will be a hosting " Shopping Event" Novemebr 2009!!!!

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Designers, Beauty Products & More!!!!

This is a one stop shop for Christmas!!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Versatile Dress-10 in 1

Stay Tune for The Style Guru's updates on The Versatile Little Dress from Victoria Secret!

10 in that's an amazing Stimulus package!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Basic Essentials Needed In Your Wardrobe For Spring/Summer"!

Spring is Here!!! Hurray!!

When it comes to spring cleaning ........our wardrobe can get cluttered with things we just don't use.
This seasons make sure you have basic essentials that carry you through the week.
1. An "It" Dress: the "it" dress is what I call your favorite dress that you can dress up or down....its a dress you get the most compliments and it the dress that you will wear more than 1 season.

2.White Shirt: My favorite wardrobe staple.....White shirts are back!!! & the best ones to wear are your boyfriend or hubby's do a little shopping in his closet too.

3. The Sheath: The Sheath dress is one of those pieces that will never go out of style! Its the piece that you can use all seasons and can take you from day to evening.

4. Ballet Anyone?: the ballet flats are always popular, comfortable and are great in all colors.

5. Quilt: the quilted bag is a class can be a channel or a piece that looks pricey........

6. Lace: I love lace bra''s pretty and makes you feel buy a couple in colors like yellow, purple, always feels good to know whats inside as well.

7. Skirts: skirts are just a must have in a closet..........just make sure you get the right length for your shape.

8. Jeans: this season women every where are wearing men's jeans called "boyfriend jeans" . I think its great but make sure you wear them like a girl and not have them hanging off you. Pair them up with some stilettos and you are ready to go!

9. Cool Blouse: colors are in ! powder blue, red, orange.........where colors that pop yet not too tropical.......your not in the Bahamas ladies.....!

10. Shades: a perfect pair of sunglasses pulls an outfit together.......I prefer Jackie O sunglasses my self. Make sure they fit your face and add a hint of tortoise shell or animal print to add a little life.

11. Boyfriend Blazer: Yes, that's what its called! The blazer that's fitted and the sleeves are rolled up...think the group WHAM in the 80's ...beware.....does not look good on everyone!

12. The Shoe: shoes are my them! there are sexy heels out there to chooses from.........look up to date without spending too much $$$. Great place are Burlington Coat Factory, Strawberries and will be pleasantly surprised!

So to all my Style Gurulista's gear up and get ready to go out there and look Fabulous!!!

XO-The Style Guru-Dee

Friday, March 13, 2009

FASHION DIET?..."5 Ways to Reuse, Revamp & Shop Your Closet For Spring"

As much as we like new things, sometimes being a Recessionista than a Fashionista can be hard !

But hard times makes for hard line decision ladies! So for all of you who love this seasons new color & trends here's a guide to update your closet even if you have to Fake it!!

1.Sell your Stuff:
Look through your Closet and take out all the stuff that has price tags and you don't use and place an Ad on Craigslist . You get a chance to make extra Cash and go buy NEW stuff . You can also go to Buffalo Exchange or Beacons Closet and Trade your stuff for other stuff.
2. Re-arrange your Wardrobe:
Eg. Harem Pants and Straight knee cropped pants are the coolest thing for Spring 09! Why not take a A line long wide skirt to a tailor and have them sew it in the middle and make them that way Or take a pair of long slacks and have them cut to the knee.???? In addition, Men's Denim oversize jeans are in....go into hubby's closet and roll em up and pair it off with some cool high stilettos...Watch Out!!!
3. Total Access!!
Accessories go along way!!!! Get some Spring cool necklaces, bracelets and 1 or 2 belts and give that dress or top a pick me up. Colorful handbags, cool sandals and you have it made. My favorite places are H&M, Zara's, Forever 21, Strawberry Jam.........they make some great copy cats.
4. Chic, is the new Chick Wear....
There is such a thing as cool grunge ladies. I'm mean you can take a tee or wife beater, add some cut of jeans , pair it with some vintage leather and you are Grunge chic. Great place to find awesome cheap leather jackets are Salvation Army, Thrift Shops, etc.
5. Don't Take Final Sale as an Answer:
Many retail stores are doing poorly so try to even negotiate a blowout me you be surprise what you can buy.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Clothes with Vibration....Spring 2009 brings culture back for ready to wear

Beautiful ethnic pieces, from african colorful fabrics to indian inspired pieces was a common thread on the Runways.

Color, Color and more color.....that is the theme for spring.

With Ethnic multi color blouses and skirts to beaded harem pants.

So give your closet a pick me up with pieces that give it a pop!!!!

Happy Shopping!!!!

The Style Guru

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Barbie Takes Over Fashion Week!!!!

IMG Fashion Week Fall 2009-DAY 1:

Wow, this Fashion Week Fall 09 was every little girls dream as soon as you walk into Bryant Park. I couldn't help but feel like a little girl all over again. Giant Barbie Dolls graced the middle looking like Calendar girls.

As a matter of fact you couldn't help but notice that many of the Designers took some lessons from Barbie's closet.

DKNY featured a very 40's lean looks with leopard blouses and small colorful hats. As did Dianne Von Furstenberg with her colorful bulky jackets and fury hats. Venexiana also had its Barbie moments but amazing looks that captured the audience with it's chic , lean looks and amazing accessories!!!

-The Style Guru

Next : Custo Barcelona, Tibi, Max Azaria and MORE!!!!!!!

"Bad To The Bone"...

IMG Fashion Week Fall 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Whats wrong with Being A Shopaholic?

Listen if your going to be a Shopaholic...Please learn how to wear the clothes and not look like Barbie just threw up on you!!!

The Confessions Of A Shopaholic
coming to a theater near you this Friday will be featuring all the latest , hottest clothing for Spring and Fall 09, however, its just all too much!!1

God bless Patricia Fields, one of my favorite celebrity stylist, who did a fabulous job dressing the girls on Sex and The City but she must've had too much too drink when dressing Isla Fisher for this role.

I got the point ...she's a Shopaholic, but come on.....she committed fashion suicide and had an overdose.

Whats Wrong With Being A Shopaholic????

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spring Up Your Wardrobe!!!

This spring get ready for Color & more Color!!!!!!

You will see more floral, flapper girl, middle eastern inspired and all types of geometrical cuts., .

The color this Spring???? Yellow, Orange, Pink, and of course my favorite Purple still Reigns!!!!

Stay tune as I will be giving the latest updates on Style & Beauty trends for Spring 09!!!

"The Style Guru"