Thursday, May 7, 2009

Basic Essentials Needed In Your Wardrobe For Spring/Summer"!

Spring is Here!!! Hurray!!

When it comes to spring cleaning ........our wardrobe can get cluttered with things we just don't use.
This seasons make sure you have basic essentials that carry you through the week.
1. An "It" Dress: the "it" dress is what I call your favorite dress that you can dress up or down....its a dress you get the most compliments and it the dress that you will wear more than 1 season.

2.White Shirt: My favorite wardrobe staple.....White shirts are back!!! & the best ones to wear are your boyfriend or hubby's do a little shopping in his closet too.

3. The Sheath: The Sheath dress is one of those pieces that will never go out of style! Its the piece that you can use all seasons and can take you from day to evening.

4. Ballet Anyone?: the ballet flats are always popular, comfortable and are great in all colors.

5. Quilt: the quilted bag is a class can be a channel or a piece that looks pricey........

6. Lace: I love lace bra''s pretty and makes you feel buy a couple in colors like yellow, purple, always feels good to know whats inside as well.

7. Skirts: skirts are just a must have in a closet..........just make sure you get the right length for your shape.

8. Jeans: this season women every where are wearing men's jeans called "boyfriend jeans" . I think its great but make sure you wear them like a girl and not have them hanging off you. Pair them up with some stilettos and you are ready to go!

9. Cool Blouse: colors are in ! powder blue, red, orange.........where colors that pop yet not too tropical.......your not in the Bahamas ladies.....!

10. Shades: a perfect pair of sunglasses pulls an outfit together.......I prefer Jackie O sunglasses my self. Make sure they fit your face and add a hint of tortoise shell or animal print to add a little life.

11. Boyfriend Blazer: Yes, that's what its called! The blazer that's fitted and the sleeves are rolled up...think the group WHAM in the 80's ...beware.....does not look good on everyone!

12. The Shoe: shoes are my them! there are sexy heels out there to chooses from.........look up to date without spending too much $$$. Great place are Burlington Coat Factory, Strawberries and will be pleasantly surprised!

So to all my Style Gurulista's gear up and get ready to go out there and look Fabulous!!!

XO-The Style Guru-Dee

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  1. I like it! Especially the suggestion on the sheath dress and IT dresses. Can u post illustrations or pictures like examples or what your suggestions are? I would really appreciate it, thanx! :)