Sunday, May 9, 2010

LIGHTS Go On!!!!! New Shopping MALL!!!!!

The Limelight Marketplace has found tenants for 45 out of its 60 available spaces. That's huge news for the church-turned-nightclub-turned-other-nightclub-turned-mega-mall, but what really stuck out for us about the article was the news that one of said tenants was candy store It's Sugar.

If you've never gone shopping for jellybeans in Atlantic City, then you might not be aware of the chain (and also, you haven't really lived.) Its crazed Wonka-ness, however, will be familiar to anyone who's shopped at Dylan's Candy Bar, which happens to be another creation of Sugar owner Jeff Rubin. Along with bins after bins of classic candies, the shop carries things like the world's largest gummi bear—5 pounds, $40, and pretty much inedible unless you carve it like a turkey. The AC store also has animatronic rapping animals with candy-related names, a feature we really hope Limelight repeats.

Other incoming stores, this way>>
Other newly announced tenants include Carter & Cavero Old World Olive Oil and a baby store called Silly Souls, which will join shops like Hunter Boots, Sabon, and Caswell-Massey. As the Real Deal notes, this family-friendly lineup ought to help calm the nerves of local community board members who worry that the marketplace will continue the space's history of debauchery, devolving into Party Monster 2: Club Kids In Wellies.

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