Thursday, April 1, 2010


Good weather is here!

So it's hard to hide those extra pounds we put on during the Winter when we can hide behind fashionable Big sweaters and Boyfriend Jeans.

We all know that we like to get to the Gym....But why pay a monthly fee if we not really going to go.

We'll I recently read an article of a women who basically went to every website of Gyms around the city & printed out Free Passes.

Yes, thats right.


Bally's offers 1 week passes on their website.

Crunch offers 3 days to 2 week passes.

NY sports club offers 3 days

Health & Racquet Club offers 1day - 1 week passes

The list goes on & on.......

So take advantage of these offers. It gives you a chance to go when you want to and helps you pick the right gym that works for you as well as not spending any money...

Now that's what I call a good workout!


The Style Guru

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